CBD Tinctures

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Rodkeys tinctures are completely different from any others. What makes Rodkeys products unique is the use of premium ingredients and the pharmacist-led team of formulation experts whom make the product.

Our formulators have mastered the arts of terpene-curation and terpene-blending to mimic specific cannabis strain profiles.

Which is right for you?

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RELAX Calm mind and body. Contains terpenes that are known to assist in reducing stress, and discomfort.
COMPLETE Our full-spectrum Hemp extract rich in minor phytocannabinoids including CBC, CBG, and CBN provides a meaningful dose of minor cannabinoids that are rarely found in other products.
RAPID Nano-emulsified, water soluble CHD product that can be added to almost any food or beverage.
While there are plenty of CBD oils on the market today, it’s important to find a quality CBD product from a CBD brand you trust.
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